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Volume 7 (2016), Issue 2

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Page 235 - 236


Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ What the TTIP Leaks Mean for the On-going Negotiations and Future Agreement?

Time to Overcome TTIP’s many Informational Asymmetries

Alberto Alemanno

Page 237 - 241

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ Just the TTIP of the Iceberg? Dynamics and Effects of Information Leaks in EU Politics

Ronny Patz

Page 242 - 246

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ How Confidential Negotiations of the TTIP Affect Public Trust

Vigjilenca Abazi

Page 247 - 251

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ TTIP Leaks: A Welcome Opportunity for More Homework

Christian Häberli

Page 252 - 255

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ Food Safety Regulation in TTIP: Much Ado About Nothing?

Alan Matthews

Page 256 - 261

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ TTIP Regulatory Cooperation

Changes in Transnational Risk Regulation from WTO Law and WTO-Consistency

Alexia Herwig

Page 262 - 268

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ Two Continents, Divided by Deep Philosophical Waters?

Why Geographical Indications Pose a Challenge to the Completion of the TTIP

Benjamin Farrand

Page 269 - 273

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ TTIP as a Platform for Progress in Pharma and Medtech Regulations

Bart Van Vooren, Charlotte Ryckman

Page 274 - 279

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ Thoughts on Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation in Pharmaceuticals after #TTIPleaks

Marco Rizzi

Page 280 - 284

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ Divergences between EU and US in the Financial Regulation

What Effects on the TTIP Negotiations?

Sara Pugliese

Page 285 - 289

Symposium on TTIP Leaks ∙ Sustainable Development in TTIP: A Highest Common Denominator Compromise?

Ferdi De Ville, Jan Orbie, Lore Van den Putte

Page 290 - 294

Special Issue on the Man and the Machine ∙ Introduction to the Special Issue on the Man and the Machine open access

Thomas Burri, Isabelle Wildhaber

Page 295 - 296

Special Issue on the Man and the Machine ∙ The Implications of Modern Business-Entity Law for the Regulation of Autonomous Systems

Shawn Bayern

Page 297 - 309

Special Issue on the Man and the Machine ∙ Autonomous Intelligent Systems as Creative Agents under the EU framework for Intellectual Property

Madeleine de Cock Buning

Page 310 - 322

Special Issue on the Man and the Machine ∙ The Pros and Cons of Legal Automation and its Governance

Ugo Pagallo, Massimo Durante

Page 323 - 334

Special Issue on the Man and the Machine ∙ Liability Issues Concerning Self-Driving Vehicles

Melinda Florina Lohmann

Page 335 - 340

Special Issue on the Man and the Machine ∙ The Politics of Robot Autonomy

Thomas Burri

Page 341 - 360

Regulatory Intervention beyond the Law

Towards a Typology of the Extra-Legal Frontier

Aute Kasdorp

Page 361 - 373

Nothing Ado About Much?

Challenges to Anti-Dumping Measures After the Lisbon Reforms to Art 263(4) TFEU

Michael Rhimes

Page 374 - 387

Towards a Regulatory Cycle? The Use of Evaluative Information in Impact Assessments and Ex-post Evaluations in the European Union

Thomas van Golen, Stijn van Voorst

Page 388 - 403

Protection without Discrimination: Pregnancy and Occupational Health Regulations

Sven Hove Hansson, Linda Schenk

Page 404 - 412

Book Reviews

Book Review

Sofia Ranchordás, Tsung-Ling Lee

Page 460 - 465

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