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Special Issue on The Risks and Opportunities of the Sharing Economy ∙ Beyond Uncertainties in the Sharing Economy: Opportunities for Social Capital

Mariana Zuleta Ferrari

The sharing economy phenomenon is expected to expand and grow steadily in the coming years. Yet, this sector lacks solid regulation, which raises concerns about its potential risks. However, users continue to engage in sharing economy practices, as opportunities appear to outweigh the perceived risks. This article argues that it is important to look beyond regulatory frameworks, and unravel the social embeddedness of sharing practices in order to provide complementary approaches to risk analysis. In particular, the focus of this article will be placed on the opportunities for building and deploying social capital in the sharing economy and its fundamental role in the development of new sharing economy practices.

Mariana Zuleta Ferrari, Postdoctoral Researcher, Tilburg Law School, The Netherlands; PhD, University of Milan, Italy.


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