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Special Issue on The Risks and Opportunities of the Sharing Economy ∙ Sharing Economy and Regulatory Strategies towards Legal Change

Gabriel Doménech-Pascual

The rise of the sharing economy is transforming the way we produce and consume goods and services. This transformation requires a revision of current legal rules concerning sectors where the sharing economy is emerging. Taking the regulation of the taxi industry as a main example, this article analyses why those rules ought to be reviewed, the obstacles law makers have to face in order to perform such a task, and the regulatory strategies they could use for that purpose. The paper considers a variety of regulatory approaches including regulatory impact assessment, legal variation, the coexistence of different legal regimes, experimental legislation and compensation.

Professor of Administrative Law, University of Valencia. The author would like to thank Sofia Ranchordás and an anonymous referee for useful comments. All errors remain mine. The author gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Spanish Government (Research Project DER2015-67613-R).


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