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European Journal of Risk Regulation

EJRR is changing publisher: From 1 January 2017 Cambridge University Press will be the Publisher of the European Journal of Risk Regulation (EJRR).

Today the most important and widespread form of EU regulation in the internal market is concerned with the government of risk to individuals’ health, safety and the environment. The European Journal of Risk Regulation provides an innovative forum for informed discussion on how these risks are regulated across policy domains in Europe and beyond. By focusing on both institutional and substantive aspects of national, European and Global risk regulation, it promotes a needed dialogue between risk assessors and risk managers involved, at both national and international level, in this contentious and continuously evolving area of law. While the central focus of the journal is the European Law and Policy regulating inter alia product (chemicals, food, pharma), financial, insurance and lifestyle risks (nutrition, alcohol, tobacco) as well as risks emerging from technology and third-party threats such as terrorism, discussion extends to other social sciences, such as regulation studies, risk analysis, saftey science, political science, sociology, economics and applied behavioural behavioural sciences. EJRR strikes a balance between the interests of the practitioners, notably those increasingly engaged in regulatory drafting and advice to the industry, and a more theoretical focus, combining normative articles with timely contributions on legislative and judicial developments. Most importantly, EJRR brings together representatives from the legal world and other risk regulation stakeholders in one specialised journal, allowing them to lay down the foundations for a new discipline: European and Global Law of Risk Regulation.

Publication frequency: quarterly
approx. 120 pages
ISSN 1867-299X


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